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Awesome / Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

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  • The soundtrack. Seriously, how does this series not have a Crowning Music of Awesome entry?
  • Atticus manning up and killing his father to become the Hooded Leader.
    • To elaborate: He pulls out twin katanas and cleanly beheads him before throwing his corpse off of the throne and immediately sitting down in it to assert his position as the new hooded leader before turning to the camera and saying "Well, I wonder what happens next?" in the most chillingly smug voice ever. This is without a doubt the coolest thing Atticus does in the entire series.
  • Todd refusing to accept his destiny as the Pure Evil One and slay Curtis in the Season 1 finale.
    • The epic repeat in season 2 was doubly epic.
  • Atticus nonchalantly punching out a girl trying to escape with The Book while drinking coffee at the same time.
    Who's an awesome guidance counselor?
  • The Femme Fatales posing as Satanists and killing Atticus' men.

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