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  • Alessandra and her mother. She was one of the weirder mothers (not a Stage Mom, she was weird in a Cloud Cuckoo Lander sort of way) and entered her 9 year old in a glitz pageant (her first, though she had done a lot of natural pageants). Everything went wrong - a hoop fell out of the girl's skirt, the party popper in her genie act didn't go off, they both refused a spray tan and most of the beauty "enhancements" glitz girls use - and at the end the girl was practically in tears. The mother just hugged her and told her she was amazing and that glitz pageant people clearly just couldn't see that.
    • One of the judges admitted that the girl continuing her act after the popper failed was really good, though.
    • The above girl and another contestant joking about how they'd have a pillow to land on if they fell off the stage (their humungous dresses).
  • Whenever the girls are shown to be friendly to each other and even sometimes playing together like the kids they are.
  • Ally with her daughter Samara in the "Island of Dreams" Pageant.
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  • Kenny, Demitriana's "father figure" protesting her costume since he was worried about how short part of it was. With most of the adults on this show, it's a breath of fresh air.
  • After seeing how dismissive her mother is of her and her abilities (and blatantly preferring her sister Breanne over her), it was really heartwarming to see the pageant director tell Ashlynn that she won Director's Choice because she was their favorite- namely, because she had the best personality.

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