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  • Whenever a kid starts screaming and throwing a fit.
  • Multiple mothers about how much their daughters LOVED pageants. Cue said daughters spending the whole episode either crying/screaming/whining or refusing to do anything on stage.
  • Cassidy, who was featured in two episodes. She was a brat in her first episode and was mean to her mother and the other contestants. The mother insisted it was due to undiagnosed ADD (note: ADD does not equal threats and attempts to carry them out). In their next episode, the mother kept talking about how much better things were with medication (and they even showed the daughter taking them on camera). After each comment the editors put in the daughter doing something horrible, including exceptionally violent threats/actions and the girl being a little brat (she gives herself an almost-papercut, punches her mother, and runs to the camera screaming about how her mom tried to cut her finger off).
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  • Tropers and tropettes, may I introduce Mackenzie? Probably one of the scariest kids this show has seen. "Nini is a hard-workin' lady!" indeed.
  • Oh, God, Alana. "A dolla makes me holla, honey boo-boo child!" Combine that with behaviour like this and her mother, and you have an instant Tumblr sensation!
  • The "Island of Dreams" episode, where we have a contestant who does "chooky moves" accompanied by music from Psycho, a strict grandma accompanied by military music, and a mom who throws a fit because her daughter got a "Princess" title.
  • In Little Miss and Mr. Nevada Pageant, Elizabeth says a "drag queen" is where her grandma gets her pillowcases washed.
  • May I introduce Iyana's mother Sabrina, you know from her first sentence that she is going to be hilarious.
    My 6 year old daughter, Iyana, is going to luxuriate across the stage.
    I had to become Snoop Dog Macgruff and be like Magnum PI and go onto ebay and orders the dresses
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  • A very flamboyant judge said that he hates it when the wigs look too obviously fake and describes it as being like someone just "stuck a poodle to the back of their kid's head!"


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