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  • Index's escape. She deliberately flings herself from a car, enabling her to use magic. She then jury-rigs a church to prevent tracking spells from finding her. And finally, she puts herself in harm's way again just to allow her to use an invisibility spell.
  • Chapter 5. Kuroko's Curb-Stomp Battle against one of the bombers, later followed by Mikoto riding an Electric Slide to catch up to the bombers' getaway car and disabling it with one shot.
    • And then she follows it up against Saten's friends, who've all taken Level Plus and are itching for a fight, efficiently, quickly and non-lethally subduing and restraining them.
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  • Chapter 9. Touma outwitting Stephen by tricking him into pulling out a gun...while a security robot was watching.
  • Chapter 13. Kanzaki appears and quickly takes out an entire ACPD station and six Anti-Skill. When Yomikawa sees her gun isn't working, she pulls out a knife and blocks the sword before decking her.
  • Chapter 17: Misaka manages to stall the IPD baby monster by using an I-Beam as a Railgun... twice. The first shot tears a hole in its shell. The second one fires straight the core.
    The sonic boom still knocks the wind out of me, but not nearly as hard. More importantly, the psychic scream abruptly cuts off. I look out from behind the I-beam stack, fighting off another wave of dizziness, and—yes, I hit dead center this time. The inner, golden sphere containing the...the core is gone entirely, and the outer sphere is distorted, lopsided, and sinking to the ground, prominence-tentacles limp.
    • Index then takes it out by borrowing power from what amounts to two gods in order to prepare a spell that would nullify not only it, but all the other Espers in the area. Including Misaka.
  • Chapter 18: Touma manages to beat Kanzaki, albeit only because she was tired on top of her magic not working on him. But he still managed to come out on top.
    • Index essentially took herself hostage against Pax due to her vow and how it will kill her unless she sees it through. And while Touma could use his hand to break the vow without anyone knowing, she opts to keep it because justice must be done.
      Index: “No...Touma, I don’t know if you heard the telepathic signals the...the entity was sending out, but...something horrible happened, something that needs to be made right. This is bigger than keeping myself free and in Academy City, this is about seeing justice done. You understand, don’t you?”

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