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Awesome / The Ritual

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  • Luke breaks his own thumb in order to escape from his restraints, and he then manages to fend off the villagers, accidentally shooting one dead, and burn down the village, with just one hand available. He's Made of Iron indeed.
  • At the very end, Luke's refusal to bow to the monster, even when doing so might save his life. Each time the monster pushes him down, he stands up again. By the end, his look of clear, furious defiance is something to behold. Even more so badass on his part, is that once he escapes past the edge of the forest to freedom and looks back to see the monster Moder unable to leave her home, she can only roar at him in defiance. Does he do what he did the entire movie in reaction to those sounds, shaking and running in pure fear and shock? Hell no. He roars right back. It takes balls to roar what amounts to a non worded verbal “fuck you” into a God’s face in defiance.

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