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It is a Naruto fanfic so these are quite common.

  • Right out the gate, Naruto helping to save Hinata. When they are six and she has been kidnapped by Kumo's equivalent of Shikaku Nara, and more telling, he had the opportunity to escape alone but he stayed to help her, and then Hiruzen showed up.
  • Naruto gets a bell from Kakashi during the bell test. That is all that needs to be said.
  • How does Naruto reveal that he has the toad summoning contract to Team 7? By summoning Gamaken to demolish a bunch of boulders that they have been ordered to clear.
  • Wave has a couple of good moments for Naruto:
    • He takes out one of the Demon Brothers with one seal.
    • He annihilates Gato's army with his own composed of shadow clones.
    • He takes down Haku with pure overwhelming power.
      • And to cap things off, he knocks-out Sasuke with one punch after he tries to fry Naruto and an unconscious Haku.
  • Both Hinata and Kiba prove to be excellent teammates for Naruto when they immediately declare that Naruto being a jinchūriki does not matter to them.
  • Naruto seals Sasuke's Cursed Seal. That is how skilled he has become with fūinjutsu by the chūnin exams.
  • Naruto beats Rock Lee during the preliminaries. Without doing any real harm.
  • Shikamaru besting Chojuro could definitely count seeing as the latter eventually became Mizukage in canon.
  • Kiba comes very close to beating SASUKE. If the later had not gotten lucky in choosing between him and a Henged Akamaru to use genjtsu on, then the next attack would have finished him off.
  • Naruto forces Tsunade to fight him seriously.
    • He also reveals during that same chapter that he has started learning the HIRAISHIN.
  • Samui, as a genin during the chūnin exams, is the first to really strike a blow against Gaara, and hen she realizes it was not quite enough, she surrenders.
  • As Naruto himself puts it, his battle with Neji is not a fight, it is a punishment; the latter is pretty much just used as a pinball, and he was holding back.
    • He also reveals that he was behind the disappearance of several members of the Hyūga clan who sough to kill Hinata, including one of the elders.
  • Haku defeating Sasuke even when the latter uses Chidori.
  • In probably the first time we see him going all-out, Naruto battles Gaara and lays him out even after he transforms. He then creates an entirely new seal to contain the Ichibi and help restore Gaara's sanity.
  • For a villainous contribution, Sasori takes control of dozens of Konoha shinobi to use as puppets.
  • Kankurō's willingness to face down Sasori when he tries to take Naruto and Gaara away, despite being even younger than he was in canon when a similar event occurred.
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  • Yugito Nii proves just why Akatsuki prefers to operate in pairs when hunting jinchūriki. She and the Nibi utterly devastate Sasori.
  • Mei Terumī almost single-handedly reverses Konoha's opinion of Mist by helping defend the village from Oto.
  • Kabuto attempts to kidnap Hinata with only the crippled and dying Haruki and Chie to stand against him. In one final strike Haruki brings down Kabuto. Badass.
  • Despite running on fumes, Naruto manages on last contribution to the battle when he disruptes the Four Violet Flames barrier long enough for a sage-mode Jiraiya to get in.
  • Jiraiya basically calls Danzō a coward right to his face and gets away with it. It even comes back later when Jiraiya becomes Hokage by him reminding everyone that Danzō did not help to fight off the invasion.
  • Naruto gets a promotion to chūnin. When Danzō protests, Hiruzen tells him to shut up and says that if Naruto isn't promoted because of the exams, then he is getting a battlefield promotion because of his actions during the invasion.
  • Itachi thinks that if Naruto becomes a fully trained jinchūriki, the result would terrify even him.
  • When Ino realizes that all of her mother's negative talk about Naruto was because he is a jinchūriki and that she blamed him for her brother dying during the Kyūbi attack, she verbally tears her mother a new one. When her mother refuses to see Naruto any differently, Ino, in a tone as cold as ice, refers to her mother by name and leaves the clan compound.
  • When Naruto gets interrogated by the Hyūga Elders for him killing several main family members, Naruto shuts them up by asking if they approve of the attempts to kill Hinata.
  • Hiruzen uses the Death Reaper Seal to restore Naruto's seal. In actuality, he completes it as it is revealed that the original seal was incomplete, explaining why the Kyūbi had such an influence on Naruto.
  • It takes the combined efforts of Tayuya, Jirōbō, Sakon, and Ukon (with the latter three all using the second stage of their Cursed Marks) to bring down Kakashi, and he still kills Ukon is the process.
  • The Sasuke Retrieval Arc culminates in Sage!Mode Jiraiya facing off against Orochimaru, and thoroughly whooping his ass. First he takes out Manda in one attack and then manages to take the Sword of Kusanagi from Orochy. Orochimaru even concedes that Jiraiya could very well be a match for Pein.

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