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SWAT Kats had an awesome moment at least once an episode, sometimes more. This list is nowhere near complete.

  • "The Wrath of Dark Kat": Dismissing Dark Kat, humiliating Commander Feral, and saving the city from a big-ass nuke all at once, definitely provides a proverbial feather in the SWAT Kats' caps.
  • Callie taking out Mac in "The Metallikats".
    • Also, Callie taking out Dark Kat in "Night of the Dark Kat" and fighting alien-possessed Dr. Harley Street in "The Ci-Kat-A". For an unarmed civilian, she knows how to handle herself.
      • Callie gets yet another awesome moment in "The Metallikats" when Mac and Molly are trying to kill Manx because they think he denied their parole. Callie proudly tells the Metallikats that she denied their parole, knowing that she's putting herself in mortal danger. Sure enough, the villains throw her out the nearest window. Fortunately, the SWAT Kats save her—but wow, that took some guts.
        • She also gets quite the Action Survivor moment in "Mutation City" when she dodges the mutagen flood that suddenly appears during her drive—and the resulting mutants.
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  • "Chaos in Crystal": T-Bone's idea to use the TurboKat to create a sonic boom to shatter Rex Shard into...well, shards.
  • Razor gets a few in Season 2. Most notably taking on Dr. Viper solo after being forced to fight and tie up T-Bone in "Mutation City", taking out Dark Kat's Black Widow after getting his "edge" back in "Razor's Edge", coming up with brainstorm after brainstorm in "SWAT Kats Unplugged", and taking out Volcanus in "Volcanus Erupts".
  • T-Bone from "Caverns Of Horror" - He's about to fly across an underground lake of lava carrying Ann Gora in his arms, when a mutated scorpion charges at them. T-Bone says:
    T-Bone: Here, catch!
    And he throws Ann Gora BODILY at the monster. The two of them go over the cliff and fall towards the lake, Ann screaming, when T-Bone rushes after her in his jetpack, catches her and takes her to safety, while the scorpion goes poof in the lava.
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  • The climax of "Metal Urgency": The Metallikats are all but defeated, and Commander Feral has a gun that can deactivate them permanently. As he levels it to fire, they tell him (truthfully) that they know who the SWAT Kats are, and they'll tell him if he doesn't kill them. Feral just says "I don't deal with scum" and pulls the trigger.
  • In "Katastrophe," seeing the SWAT Kats and Feral fighting together against Dark Kat, Dr. Viper and the Metallikats.
    • Viper gets one early in the episode for knocking Dark Kat flat on his butt after being on the receiving end of a threat. Pretty impressive for someone who's barely half Dark Kat's height.
  • Meta example: The Kickstarter campaign for SWAT Kats: Revolution made almost three times the initial goal. Plus most of the surviving cast members have expressed interest in participating in the revival should it come to fruition.


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