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Awesome / Streets of Rage Saga

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  • Shiva demonstrates in Chapter 15 of Origins that he's extremely handy with firearms, employing More Dakka to destroy an X-Robot that's gone berserk and about to kill him and Mr. X.
  • Blaze has a minor but still meaningful moment in the epilogue for Origins when she finally overcomes her Fire drug addiction.
  • The protagonists' military allies subverting The Cavalry Arrives Late near the end of Project Y, with their calculated strike on Robot Y.
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  • Joe Musashi employing the Jutsu of Ikazuchi to defeat the Hand, one half of the Big Bad Duumvirate in The New Syndicate.
  • The epilogue chapter of The New Syndicate. "My name is Blaze, and I remember everything."
  • In The Rise of Dreadnought, the titular villain uses twin blades to deflect numerous bullets fired at him.
  • Blaze and Shiva creating a massive fireball to defeat the Big Bad in Shadow Hand.
    Blaze: Go to hell, motherfucker!
  • In Duality, Adam is outnumbered three to one against Shiva, Rudra and Enigma. Adam wins.