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Did he just kill Bison in one shot?! Oh S&$@!!! AHH HE'S TELEPORTING AND THROWING FIREBALLS FROM THE AIR!!!!

  • When the super turbo version hit arcades, nobody was expecting Akuma. Imagine being one of the first players on the arcade machines and kicking ass with an amazing game. Then when you go to challenge Bison as per usual, a new soundtrack plays. Suddenly this guy who looks like a red haired, tanned, evil version of Ryu appears and one-shots him. The player only has a second of shock before the fight begins and then they're fighting for their lives against an evil version of Ryu that can teleport across the screen, throw 2 fireballs while jumping diagonally down at them and hits like a mach truck.
    • Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu on M. Bison. Bison never gets up for the entire time you're fighting Akuma.
  • The music! Guile and Ken's themes are iconic for the series.
  • The fact that this game codified the entire fighting game genre.
  • Ultra Street Fighter II. After 23 years, Capcom is finally giving Nintendo fans what they wanted all those years ago for the SNES: a Polished Port of Super Turbo.
  • Depending on how you play, every fight has the potential to be this, however, one fight stands out on this troper's mind, regardless of how it plays out. After several fights, all starting the same way, you find yourself on a stage surrounded by people watching from their seats- nothing odd there. However a Cage Wall suddenly slams down, and you see your opponent, a man wearing an expressionless mask and wielding a terrifying-looking claw, while some epic Spanish music sounds in the background. You've reached the fight against Vega. Compared to that, the Sagat and M. Bison fights might be harder, but certainly not cooler.

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