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  • Dumbledore's reaction to being told the Death Eaters have taken Hogwarts.
    • I'd thank you to take your hands off me,Lucius. I am still Headmaster of this school.'
  • Flitwick. They send Death Eaters to subdue him and bring him to wait with the others, and he calmly duels all of them. It takes five of them to bring him down.
  • Hagrid freeing the muggleborns by smashing their cells open, spells bouncing off his back,and leading them to the illegal Portkey to France. He saves every single one.
    • The illegal Portkey itself, as the people who made and run it are aware they're signing on for torture and death. None of them even know any of the children. They do it simply because it's the right thing to do. They all die, but their death proves that normal people will stand up to tyrants.
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  • Hermione leads Viktor and Draco back into a burning building to save Aunt Cunegarde and Barty after the adults have given them up for lost. Viktor gets Barty off the ledge and then uses a Wronski feint to save Hermione and himself.
  • Draco raises an army of schoolchildren after the Dark Lord refuses to help Viktor and Hermione.
    • Draco rose and faced them. 'Sit down, the both of you. Hasn't anyone heard anything I just said? There are ten thousand bloody werewolves headed toward Viktor and my cousin right now. People are dying, lots of people, and we sit here throwing insults at each other? Are we men of Durmstrang or boys playing at war?'The result was immediate and beyond his wildest expectations. Sixteen hundred feet hit the floor at once, and eight hundred voices rang out. 'MEN OF DURMSTRANG!'
  • Despite having an eye hexed out, bleeding everywhere and being in terrible pain, Anu Tamm kneecaps a werewolf with a burning torch to prevent his escape.
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  • Sirius punches out a werewolf who is Nicolae Pavel, the same wolf as above when Snape asks him to find the fellow for him.
  • The first Battle of Castle Dinev is a disasterous routebut it's notable because, for the first time, the audience sees why the Lestranges and Malfoys are the Inner Circle.
    • Bellatrix standing in the middle of a ring of corpses, shrieking for the enemy to come and fight her, laughing hysterically.
    • If easy-going, reserved Rabastan isn't the guy using a flame-whip to drive the enemy back, he's the one knocking them down nearly a dozen at a time.
    • Lucius and Narcissa fighting in tandem and gaining ground.
  • At the same battle, Sirius defends Snape by turning into Padfoot(who's called Salazar here), and rips out the throats of three different enemy fighters, besides leading the other dogs in any number of charges throughout the course of the battles.
  • Anu Tamm, a boy of no family and a bastard,which makes him the lowest of the low in Pureblood culture, refusing to allow the heads of the Conclave onto the balcony whilst Viktor is speaking, and holding his wand on them when they tried to push past him.
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  • Snape gives Sirius the mother of all Not So Different speeches and actually convinces him that Snape is right.
  • When the Dementors come to Wiltshire to kill the family, Barty gets left at Grimmauld Place. He rallies the elves and goes to help, despite being unarmed and brain damaged. When a Dementortries to attack Hermione, he leaps at it, and drives it off by weaponising himself as a living Patronus—he has a burst of accidental so powerful that it disperses across his skin in a blinding light, fuelled by his love.
    • In the same fight, the Death Eaters managing to hold off the Dementors despite being unable to cast Patronii.
    • Hermione kills A Dementor by waiting for it to keep close enough, blinding it, and blowing it's head up with Reducto.
    • Rinky attacking a Dementor to save Hermione and Barty.
  • Sose Tamm standing up to Anu's "father".
  • Nagini ripping out a mooks throat and punching Greyback in the face with her tail to rescuing Ivan/Ron.
  • Hermione putting Voldemort in his place.
    Voldemort: You don't scare Us.
    Hermione: No?
  • Alise using Scabior's knife to stab an assassin. Who is then promptly torn apart by the young werewolves. Hermione has to struggle to control her magic and when it looks like she's about to lose control, Snape pins her down and in an attempt to absorb it.
  • Yseult Ropion rescues herself from the scrappy heap by agreeing to go back and spy on her husband. Wetherell McNair. Who is a deliberate Expy of Ramsay Bolton.

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