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  • The group has been operating since January 2006 (wayyy back in Operation Flashpoint era). This has eventually led some audience on YouTube channels to state that ShackTac is why military simulator side of ArmA still exist to this day.
    • They managed to create large-group cohesion and discipline in what's commonly considered not-so-serious video gaming environment, and do it again and again for 10+ years to remarkable and entertaining result.
  • Whenever Dslyecxi exhibits Manipulative Bastard side of his. Examples include:
    • Acting like nothing happened after shooting down an enemy squad when caught.
    • As a hostage; convincing his captors that they need to find a silver briefcase and leading them on a wild goose chase right into BLUFOR territory.
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    • Again as a hostage, this time in a game of Dark Business, he manages to take his former captors hostage when the truck's driver makes a simple mistake.
  • Echo5rom3o and Smitty drove a truck right through a firefight involving a freaking enemy tank. These guys got balls.
  • Ireland Forever
  • Daneeka blows a Hind out of the sky with an AT4, an unguided anti-tank rocket.
    YouTube comment: That was some Battlefield shit.
  • Fireflies. In it, dslyecxi provides air support for a mission that progressively goes wrong in many spectacular ways, culminating in a last-ditch rescue attempt in a Little Bird by dslyecxi. He gets shot down, but manages to escape with no injuries from the crash, and guns down three enemies in the process of getting out of the chopper.
  • Calgon Business. Remember that this is the same guy who was the source of the infamous ifoundone!!!.wmv video.
  • Several examples from Caesar Merlin missions:
    • Not One Second Later: Dslyecxi's unit wedges itself between the escapees and the enemy, which is closing in on all of them from all sides. The Marines and escapees all rush as far as they can out to the peninsula - effectively backing up into a corner - and are rescued from that corner just as an enemy unit is about to kill them all.
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    • The earlier Nick of Time has Dslyecxi and Ghostboots executing a last-second rescue of a soldier that has already been captured by the enemy, just as they are about to drive away with him.
    • And the eponymous Photo Finish.
  • Push Comes to Shove is the story of Taconic, a downed marine operator, attempting to evade a whole platoon of Russians who are hot on his tail. Awo, initially accompanying Taconic, sacrifices himself by drawing the enemy's attention to allow Taconic to make his first escape. This all but succeeds, when an enemy spots Taconic in the dark and orders him to surrender. Taconic turns around and guns him down, then continues his escape as though nothing happened.
    • Several minutes later, Taconic runs into an enemy truck that begins to give chase. He turns around again, firing at the side of the truck, which then explodes spectacularly.
    • The ballsiest moment of the video, however, is no doubt the bit where Taconic is hiding in the swamp and the flashlights of the Russian troops chasing him get brighter as they close in from all sides. So what does Taconic do? Turns on his own flashlight and moves around freely to the next bush, as if he was just another member of the search party, hoping that in the darkness all they'll see is the flashlight and assume he's one of them. Turns out it was Crazy Enough to Work.
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  • In Roadside Hazards, a BTR emerges out of the woods, hurtling down a road straight towards Dslyecxi's Bradley:
    CraneSong (Gunner): Eyes on movement. BTR, North.
    [She carefully fires three shells at it, hitting the turret with the third]
    Crane: Yeah, that was definitely a turret kill. Should I kill the driver?
    Dslyecxi: Yeah, if you can do it concisely.
    [Crane fires one more shot.]
    [BTR veers into a tree.]
    Crane: Concise enough for ya?
  • In the short video Dear Tank, Signed Infantry, Dslyecxi's team has been brutalized and nearly wiped out by an enemy tank. Dslyecxi intends to do nothing more than make a Suicidal Charge to go out in dramatic fashion, but instead winds up going completely unnoticed by the tank crew, climbing on top of the tank, and then killing a member of the crew when the crew member pops out of the top hatch to man the machine gun there. For extra points and giggles, the guy Dslyecxi killed on top of the tank was also recording and posted what he saw in his final moments.
  • Die Hardest is pretty awesome throughout, as the guys of Shack Tac try to resist a massive siege by insurgents while running desperately low on ammo, but the last 10 minutes of the firefight (starting around 35:30 in the video) take it up to a whole other, cinema worthy level. First the insurgents manage to breach the outer walls and start pouring in heavy machine gun fire and artillery, prompting a headlong retreat to the other side of the compound. Then about three quarters of the remaining Shackers get killed within seconds by artillery fire, leaving only Dslyecxi and maybe another half dozen survivors or so, boxed in a dead end. Desperate for a way out, Dslyecxi and crew try to blow up the wall of the compound so they can get to an APC on the other side and escape. They fire rockets at the wall and throw grenades at it... to no avail. Then an enemy rocket blows up a chunk of the wall, and the ragged remnant make a run for it even as enemy vehicles and troops are nipping at their heels. For one last touch, an unconscious soldier they had made the decision to leave behind moments before regains consciousness just in time to join them and avoid being left behind after all. When they finally get to safety, the salutes they get from an entire line of soldiers are well deserved. This video was so awesome, PC Gamer wrote an article specifically about it.
  • The end of Shooting Gallery is another classic. A large group of Shack Tac infantry has been whittled down to a fraction of its original size, and have fallen back until they have their backs to the sea. With practically no cover on the beach, nowhere to run, and the enemy pouring down fire on them, the infantry tries to hold out while Dslyecxi, Beagle, and the other pilots make multiple hair raising runs into the hot landing zones to ferry them to safety. (You know an LZ is hot when it makes Dslyecxi whisper "Jeez, God almighty" at the thought of going into it.) To avoid having the helicopters ferrying troops shot down from all the fire being aimed their way, the pilots have to get creative to buy enough time for the troops to mount up, including schemes such as one helicopter essentially running a screen and soaking up bullets so the Shackers can get into the other helicopter during the brief respite. But as awesome as the death defying rescues are, the best moment of all might be one that happened offscreen; in the last of his runs ferrying survivors to safety, Dslyecxi and company were forced to leave Kustom behind after he passed out while the medic was attempting to treat him. Everyone is bummed out about leaving him behind... and then Beagle hears that someone was left behind, sees that Kustom has come to, and goes all out in a reckless and glorious attempt to save him, despite Dslyecxi's frantic warning that there's no way they'll survive the enemy fire. Somehow Beagle makes it work and there's a tearful reunion when they all get to safety. This one also got an article in a gaming magazine dedicated to it, this time in Polygon.
    Dslyecxi: All right, Beagle, go ahead and break off.
    Beagle: Roger. Is anyone left down there?
    Dslyecxi: [somber and dejected] No one we can help.
    Beagle: Oh my God Dslyecxi, they're still shooting, there's someone prone down there on the beach!
    Dslyecxi: I'm sorry about it Beagle, we couldn't do anything about it... he couldn't make it onto the helo. ... I'll tell you back at base, you gotta fly back to base with me, ok?
    Beagle: Fuck no I'm not!
    Dslyecxi: Beagle, you cannot do that. You cannot survive that!
    Beagle: Doesn't matter!

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