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Awesome / Rites of Ascension

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  • For all the great action done by the unicorns and pegasi casting spells, it's Applejack and Spike who destroy the enemy airship during the Siege of Canterlot. Applejack doesn't have a horn or wings to get to the airship. What does she do? Hijack an enemy pegasus and force him to fly to the ship with Spike close by, and then…
    Soarin: What in blazes did you two do in there?!
    Spike: Oh you know, boarded the ship, found their stash of solidified magic, set it on fire, ran like hell out a random door. Nothing too amazing.
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  • Twilight versus Bloodtide. She finishes the fight by banishing him to The Dark.
  • Twilight containing a catastrophe that could destroy an entire continent. It was almost a Heroic Sacrifice as well.
  • Twilight going head to head against a gryphon Battlemaster while attempting to save Trixie from the illusionists' attack, only finally winning by locating and destroying the illusion-broadcasting crystal she had been looking for- since the gryphon himself was some sort of advanced illusion- and capping it off with a declaration that Trixie is now under her protection.
  • Trixie finally getting to truly fight back against one of the illusionists who had tormented her.
  • Twilight versus Farriér. She travels back in time not once, but five times to deal six simultaneous strikes.


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