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  • Shilo had some good ones, but the first was just before Seventeen when she stood up to her father for the first time in her life.
    Nathan: What chance has a seventeen year old girl?
    Shilo: I don't know what I was thinking. There's no sense in girlish dreaming. I'm only seventeen... seventeen... And it's better than [being] forty!
    • Shilo: Daddy's girl's a FUCKING MONSTER!
    • At the Genetic Opera itself, during Let The Monster Rise when she finally finds out about Nathan's many dirty secrets and calls him out on them
    • She then goes on to tells Rotti she's not a murderer and gives him back the gun she was supposed to use on Nathan, despite Nathan having done some pretty bad things
    • Didn't Know I'd Love You So Much. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment and a Tear Jerker. -sniff-
  • Nathan/Repo Man has a lot.
    • There's Legal Assassin, a song all about how he's the best murderer on the block.
      • This line in particular. It's the first time we see the shift from Nathan Wallace to the Repo Man, and it is terrifying and amazing to watch.
    I'm the monster, I'm the villain.
    What perfection! What precision!
    • When he refuses to repossess Mag's eyes, despite Rotti, Pavi, and Luigi's best efforts, in Night Surgeon.
  • * Also in Night Surgeon, where he butchers a helpless victim as he's egged on by the Largos and a group of Genterns.
    I remember every dying whisper, every desperate murmur.
    • Let The Monster Rise, when he decides to put the smackdown on Rotti
      • Particularly that part at the end of the song when he holds that last note for at least sixteen seconds.
    • Didn't Know I'd Love You So Much, for all the same reasons as Shilo.
    • Thankless Job, when he uses a recently-disembowled corpse as a sock puppet, lamenting how ungrateful people are to people in his line of work.
  • The Graverobber, in 21st Century Cure, when he stands up and screams at the many, many, many machine-gun-toting Gen Cops chasing him. There's also:
    • Using a corpse as a battering ram
    • Escaping from the GenCops, again, and taking Shilo with him
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    • The entirety of Epitaph
    • Hell, basically any time Terrance Zdunich is on screen, something awesome is going down.
    • Basically, there's just not enough Graverobber in this movie.
  • Amber Sweet, at the end—when she sold the face that came off during Blame Not My Cheeks to Pavi
    • She has another one when she has her brothers back her as she becomes the new CEO of GeneCo and the most powerful person in the country, proving beyond all doubt that she is her father's daughter... at least, when she's sober.
  • Luigi Largo had a lot of awesome moments. The one that most people remember was in Largo's Little Helpers:
    Luigi: Someone's gonna hang if I don't get my coffee.
    Gopher: Decaf?
    Luigi: ...I will shoot you in the face.
    • His part in Mark It Up. Stabbing a Gentern and basically telling his bro eff-you all while ripping his shirt off.
    • This little jewel
    '''(As Nathan comes to turn in a repossesion of spines)
    Luigi: Well, who ordered pizza? I could sure go for a slice!
    • Also, when he kills the top three bidders for Amber's face so Pavi can have it.
  • Pavi Largo had some, but they mostly revolved around how easily he charmed women. In Genterns, he gets a new face, freshly cut from an unwilling victim, attached while receiving oral sex.
    • There's also his bit during Mark It Up where he mocks Luigi.
    Pavi: Ask a Gentern who they prefer, ten out of nine will say "The Pavi!"
    • And when he blasts Luigi full in the face with breath spray while Luigi is trying to strangle him.
  • Pavi and Luigi have some great moments together.
    • The entire opera sequence up until they tackle each other and tumble off stage.
    • All of Mark It Up is a CMoA.
  • Blind Mag, at the end of Chromaggia. 'Come take these eyes...I would rather be blind.'
    • When she convinces Rotti to let her go see Shilo, just so she can show her a recorded message from her deceased mother.
  • Rotti. Just... Rotti.
    • In Things You See In A Graveyard, "I'll keep those vultures guessing!"
    • In Seeing You Stirs Memories, when he introduces Shilo to Mag so that Shilo will come to the Opera
    • In Nathan Discovers Rotti's Plan when he sends the GenCops after a 'rogue Repo Man', so that Nathan will figure out what's going on and come to the Opera
    • In Tonight We Are Betrayed when he has the GenCops steal Marni's corpse, ensuring that Nathan will come as the Repo Man
    • In Mag's Fall when he convinces the audience at the Opera that Mag's gruesome blinding and death by impaling was all part of the show
    • In Rotti's Pièce De Résistance where he further convinces the audience that he can cure Shilo's illness.
    • In The Man Who Made You Sick, where he destroys Nathan utterly by revealing his secrets to Shilo
    • And when he finally informs his children they ain't gettin' shit.
      Rotti: (to Shilo) You've exceeded all my plans
      Luigi: More than you could say for Amber.
      Rotti: More than I could say for you.
      Luigi: What?
      Pavi: Haha!
      Rotti: Or your just-as-worthless brother.
      Pavi: Awww...
    • Essentially, basically everything he did up until his Villainous Breakdown.
      • One could argue that the entire Largo family had a Moment of Awesome just by existing.
  • In a meta sense, one for Paris Hilton, for managing to sing on the same stage as the likes of Anthony Stewart Head, Paul Sorvino, Ogre, and Sarah Brightman without making a complete fool of herself. Sure, she's not the strongest voice in the cast, but she's not supposed to be.

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