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Heartwarming / Repo! The Genetic Opera

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  • Didn't Know I'd Love You So Much. 'Nuff said.
  • In Chase the Morning, the fact that Blind Mag is so desperate to finally meet her goddaughter and wishes that they could have spent more time together. When Nathan shows up, she chews him out for holding his daughter captive, while assuring Shilo that it's fine and not to worry about her impeding repossession (keep in mind that reposessions are deadly).
  • Bizarrely, Luigi gets a couple, and in scenes that are not otherwise heartwarming, no less: he carefully keeps Shilo away from Pavi, and seems to be the only one of the three Largo siblings who's genuinely upset at their father's death.
    • He also gets a minor one in the who ordered pizza scene, where even he seems disgusted by what has just happend to the guy infront of him.


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