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Awesome / Reap The Pain

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  • Hinata and Rock Lee's fight with Sasuke, full stop. Despite requiring both of them to stand their ground against Sasuke, it was awesome to see Hinata exploit her Byakugan and Gentle Fist abilities for what they were worth. In no short amount of awesome maneuvers, the girl pulled off smoke bombs and Shadow Clones for a diversion, before unleashing a truly epic, aerial Gentle Fist technique. She culminated it all with her own chakra shroud in the form of a large lion, matching Sasuke's Susanoo.
    • Hinata and Lee both managed to use some of their bigger techniques to crack the bones of Sasuke's Susanoo. Yes, the kind of feat that only A and Mei have been able to pull off, two Chunin managed to successfully perform.
  • Neji of all people pulling a Leeroy Jenkins and rushing in to save Ichigo when he was being burned by Sasuke's Amaterasu flames. The fact that he fought Sasuke, even minus an arm, all for the sake of saving Ichigo, was awesome and heartwarming. His subsequent death was then heartwrenching.
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  • Konohamaru saving Moegi counts as one of his first truly awesome moments in the series. For a brat who spends most of his time whining and being overall unbearable, risking his neck to save Moegi was both awesome and heartwarming.

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