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  • The fact that this movie exists at all! The Pythons got a lot of grief for wanting to make a comedy about Christianity, to the point that the studio pulled funding at the last minute rather than weather potential controversy. After seeking out other investors, none other than George Harrison put up all the money himself, forming his own studio and giving the Pythons free reign to do whatever they liked. His reason? He was a big fan and wanted to see the film.
    • Despite finishing the film, the Pythons still dealt with a lot of bad press claiming they were making fun of Jesus Christ (which wasn't true). Life of Brian still got banned by several film councils in the UK, so what did fans do? Rent buses and organize viewing parties in parts of the country that were showing the film.
    Terry Gilliam: Good for the English! They aren't gonna be told what to do!
  • A meta example: When several members of the various clergies in Britain started targeting the film, John Cleese and Michael Palin went on the chat show Friday Night, Saturday Morning to be interviewed and to debate regarding the controversy. When bishop Mervyn Stockwood and hostile Catholic commentator Malcolm Muggeridge began bashing the film over things that didn't happen, both Cleese and Palin tore into them. This is particularly notable in that Palin is doing the verbal smackdown, as Cleese noted years later.
    John Cleese: Four-hundred years ago, we would've been burnt for making this film. Now, I'm suggesting that we've made an advance.

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