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  • Quill managing to build his own mechanical wings so he can fly, despite being an earth pony.
    • And then using them to escape the royal guards after killing the stallion who murders his mother.
  • After Quill is hired as a mercenary and drags Filter with him to take out a manticore, they find it and get into a fight. Filter gets two moments here:
    • First, he puts up a shield and blocks the manticore from pouncing on them just in time.
    • Then, after discovering that the only supplies they have are apples, he has Quill throw an apple in the air. He then casts a shield around the apple, making it bounce around inside and build up speed before dropping the shield, making the apple fly and hit the manticore, knocking it over.
    Quill: How'd you do that?
    Filter: A shield made of, basically, magic rubber. Normally, it’s a spell used to enchant something and turn it into a trampoline - one of the first things you learn in magic kindergarten - but by combining it with my shield spell, I...well, did what you just saw.
    Filter: Yep.
    Quill: ...whoever said shield spells were useless can suck it.

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