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Blood Quill

I rather like my ability to start pointless arguments, thank you very much!

The Red Oni of the duo, Quill is a brash and somewhat crazy earth pony author with mechanical wings, turning him into a 'semi-pegasus' of sorts. His mother was murdered during the Days of Discord, leading to him killing the murderer and running away from home. This is how he eventually met Filter.

Quill tends to act as the leader of the duo and stands out a lot more; he has almost completely white eyes, bloodstained Discord-like twisted horns, and large mechanical wings. His special talent is writing, and his cutie mark is a quill dipped in blood. He is Mobius's ponysona.


Pop Filter

I feel like I’m about to throw up, faint, do something stupid, or get killed...or all of the above.

The Blue Oni of the duo, Filter is a shy yet snarky musical unicorn. His father disappeared before he was born, only to return almost two decades later to murder Filter's mother and himself, right in front of both Quill and Filter.

Filter is much more normal-looking than Quill, having no real outstanding physical features. He is completely blind, however, and has to wear enchanted glasses to see. His special talents are music and protecting others, and his cutie mark is a shield on top of a microphone. He is RLYoshi's ponysona.



A talking, pony-sized, female manticore that Quill and Filter meet in the Everfree Forest; while they were originally sent there to kill her, they decided against it, and took her into their home.


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