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Fritz Lang's ''Metropolis''

  • Awesome Music: The original score, including the main theme for the movie. The original sci-fi epic should naturally come with an epic score, and it has one by Gottfried Huppertz. Have a listen.
  • Grot taking a stand, completely alone and armed only with a wrench, ready to protect the Heart Machine from an angry mob consisting of THE ENTIRE ADULT POPULATION OF THE WORKERS' CITY. Also, the fact that he dares to call them all out for how stupid they have been acting and actually gets them to listen to him. That man's got nerves of steel.
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  • The Thin Man tries to bribe Josaphat to get him to leave his apartment. What does Josaphat do? He picks up the money... and slaps The Thin Man in the face with it. Also a Funny Moment.
  • "Someone will stay at the machine... ME."
  • Maria’s first scene, where she brings the workers' children into the Club of the Sons and says, "Look! These are your brothers!" Her simple act of kindness and quiet defiance leads Freder to see how things have been run, and to change his behavior.
  • Freder and Josaphat ripping a locked metal gate off its hinges so the workers' children can escape the flooding city.