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  • Pretty much once a book. Glinda is a master of these.
  • From the second book: Nick, Scarecrow, Tip, and Jack are stuck in a jackdaw's nest. The jackdaws - massive, nasty birds - come as they're trying to escape and attack. Nick holds his ground, breaks out the axe, and fights "like a Roman gladiator" for his friends' safety. Seriously, our Tin Man is a softie, but do not piss him off.
  • A mention should go to a scene in The Patchwork Girl of Oz, where the eponymous crazy quilt meets a man who has 19 daughters who quite literally do absolutely nothing other than sit politely and laugh at his jokes. The man says that he raised them that way to be polite in order to appeal to bachelors. Scraps' reaction?


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