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  • Sarah realizes that she is not bound by Jareth's rules or restricted to his world. "You have no power over me!"
  • The part when Ludo calls upon the rocks to take out Jareth's army. It must be seen to be believed. Even Jareth could not believe it when he saw it.
  • Hoggle taking on Humongous single-handedly.
  • The bit where Jareth first shows up in Sarah's room. Out of the entire movie, this is the scene where he is the most intimidating and all-around cool.
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  • The Helping Hands is a master class in mime and body puppetry.
  • Meta: the sheer level of beloved Hollywood talent involved in this film—both onscreen and behind the scenes—can actually be a bit mind-boggling. Plenty of movies have All Star Casts, but Labyrinth is practically a Real Life Avengers team-up. To recap: it was directed by the creator of The Muppets, produced by the creator of Star Wars, and written by an original member of Monty Python, and its lead actor is one of most legendary solo artists in the history of Rock & Roll. And it got an official licensed computer game written by the author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It may have taken a while before this movie was Vindicated by History, but it really shouldn't have come as a surprise that it ended up as a widely loved Cult Classic.


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