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Awesome / Kryptonite Nevermore

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  • In the first issue, Superman stops a crook. When said crook tries to kill him with a chunk of Green-K, Superman munches the rock and knocks him out with a finger flick. All of it within three minutes!
  • Superman stops a gang of air pirates, even though his powers are malfunctioning.
  • Superman uses his X-Ray vision to spot two pirates through a plane's roof, rams his fists through the metal plates and knocks their heads together.
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  • Lois refuses to abandon an unconscious man when she is being chased by a swarm of ants.
  • The Anti-Superman Gang attempts to rob a bank. They manage shot Superman down, but then Superman rips off the door of the vault and hurls it at their vehicle.
  • Later, Superman is facing three armed gangsters. He is weak, injured and a bullet can hurt him badly. He still takes them down.


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