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  • After disintegrating a dude with lightning, Jylliana is able to scare the rest of the bandits away from the party.
    Jylliana: You attack us in the middle of the night, go after some star—after we decide that we're not going to even help you you decide to take our gold? You have no honour, you have no faith, you have a cleric! Who is not even walking in any sort of light, and yet tries to attack my people with Holy Radiance?! Put down your weapons! We have no time for you! Leave us!
  • During the dragon fight during The Fallen Jammer, Tuatha tries to dispel the undead magic on the dragon, but fails and uses the Wild Magic...unleashing a volley of Magic Missiles instead.
    Kit: You know in Mechwarrior where you fire all your weapons at once?
    Jake: Yeah!
    Annie: Yeah it Robotechs! It Macrosses!
    Kit: You Macross this fucking dragon.
    • In the same fight, Aelfgifu is able to parkour up the face of the dragon and slash it up with its blades.
  • While fighting Sister Takaris, Jylliana is finally able to successfully cast a Mass Healing Word. Reinvigorated, she flies into a righteous fury and flings herself and her hammer towards the nearest Draconian.
    • Afterwords Jylliana falls off the tower and starts praying. She hears a voice. "I'm here." She flies back into the tower with two spectral angel wings, her eyes glowing.
  • After repeated legendary attacks from Takaris, with Cacophony knocked unconscious and Jylliana and Tuatha nearly hurled off the edge of the tower by Draconians, Aelfgifu is able to land the killing blow against her.
    Aelfgifu: I! *slash* Have had! *slash* Enough of you! *stabs her through the head*
  • In episode 26, Cacophony sneakily uses Enthralling Performance and essentially turns a room full of gruff guards into her adoring fans.
    • When one guard who she missed tries to stop them, she uses Suggest to have him pay no mind.
    • She manages to Enthrall even more guards (and refresh the one she had already) to gain access to Blackjammer's Sword.
    • By the end Kit ends up having to toss out most of their plans for the session because it went from a dangerous stealth mission to what amounts to a house tour. It truly is Maq's finest moment.

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