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Awesome / Immortals After Dark

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  • Emma earning her "Emma the King-Killer" title. (Starting with shrieking to break an opaque window to stream sunlight on a vampire.) The king she was killing — who also happened to be her father — was also the one to give her another of her trailing names: Emma the Unlikely.
    He wasn't supposed to go all Darth Vader, wasn't supposed to direct her how to really, really kill him.

  • A personal one for Ellie, after Lothaire sends her his literal heart in a box with a note forsaking her, she responds by sending him her severed middle finger. What makes the scene is the cutaway to the surrounding Valkyrie's reactions.
    "Elllie's my best friend."
    "I liked her before I even met her — you hate her compared to how much I like her."
    "She'll never pay cover in the Lore again."

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