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YMMV / Immortals After Dark

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  • Complete Monster:
    • Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night: Häxa, Queen of False Faces was one of the three primary witch goddesses and the one representing evil who was eventually cast out by her sisters. In order to regain her status, Häxa relishes causing despair in the world, twisting the wishes of unsuspecting people in order to drive them to misery; in one notable case, Häxa responded to a boy innocently asking to be the strongest of his siblings, by murdering said siblings and causing him lifelong guilt. In order to increase her power and for fun, Häxa turns thousands of people into living statues in her personal realm where they're kept in eternal misery; these included the parents of Mariketa the Awaited, in order to cause her pain. When one of her victims, Bowen MacRieve finds love again, Häxa manipulates him in the guise of his deceased lover—who was killed by Häxa— to drive him apart from his new love in order to relish his pain. In her ultimate scheme, Häxa plans to steal Mariketa's powers in order drive the entirety of mankind into torture and despair, enacting Hell on Earth, simply to satisfy her sadistic whims.
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    • Pleasure of a Dark Prince: Crom Cruach the Broken Bloody One is the god of human sacrifice and cannibalism and this world's version of Satan himself. Cruach seduced a teenage Valkyrie named Lucia the Huntress into being his bride before revealing his true form and having her raped and tortured, forcing her to consume flesh from some of his victims and nearly driving her to suicide. Lucia later sealed Cruach away, only for him to escape every 500 years to try and torment her. Cruach revels in spurring on his followers into sacrificing innocents to him—including children—and in the present intends to use his special ability to infect people with a need to kill their loved ones to infect the entire world. Cruach intends to start the apocalypse and watch as the entire of humanity descends into cannibalism and Human Sacrifice of their loved ones in his name. When Lucia and her new boyfriend Gareth MacRieve go to face him, Cruach tries to force Gareth into killing Lucia, and when he refuses, torments him with visions of him having actually killed her before making his intention to gang-rape and murder Lucia known. Cruach is ultimately a monstrous god whose only reason for tormenting innocents is because he finds it fun.
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  • Foe Yay: Thronos and Lanthe, a Fan-Preferred Couple. Besides the Fantastic Racism between the Vrekener and Sorceri and the Lanthe's sister killing Thronos' father, Lanthe used her persuasion telling him to walk off a cliff without flying; when he was a child, so he is crippled forever. They have since received their own book, Dark Skye and become Official Couple.

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