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Headscratchers / Immortals After Dark

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    Vampires and hair 

  • In the book Lothaire, the author says that the homonymous protagonist's beard was frozen blond in stubble, and if he shaved, the beard would quickly grow back again. But describing his bathroom, there is a razor and shaving cream in the sink. Why does he own a razor?
    • The author seems to be inconsistent in general about this. One might suppose that it varies by species, but it also seems to vary depending on how the author is writing it at the moment.
    • Lothaire is canonically fastidious and vain. "First of all, I'm not narcissistic. [...] I know Narkissos of Thespiae — while we might share traits, I came first, so he's Lothairistic, not the other way around." He might have been frozen into immortality with stubble and regularly shaves it off. How "quickly" it grows back is the question.


  • The author makes it perfectly clear that transformations are incredibly dangerous and don't always work. But there is never any real risk. Heck, even the villain got transformed using a never before seen or heard of method...ingesting Lore blood. Et Voila, instant monsters everywhere.
    • We don't see the transformations fail, but apparently they do fail, and often. Mostly people get turned into vampires, and it's outright stated that vampires have the most success at it. And as to why we never see major characters fail to be transformed? Well, then there'd be no story, and we'd be reading about some other character who did make it.


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