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Awesome / Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

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Don't mess with Scrat

  • When the kids that Manny is narrating a story to press the Trauma Button of his deceased family, Diego immediately steps in to scare them off (so Manny doesn't have to re-live the trauma of his deceased loved ones), proving how much the Herd cares about each other.
  • Scrat saves the day in this movie. Yes, Scrat.
    • Him beating up an entire school of piranhas as well.
  • Sid's tribal-dance number with the pygmy sloths.
  • "Food, Glorious Food" sung by the Vultures.
  • The dam breaking is incredible to see, with a massive tsunami of water destroying the thin wall of ice that finally gives out, and then surging across the valley at frightening speed.
  • Diego finally overcoming his fear of water to save Sid, Eddie and Crash.
    • And afterwards, when Diego reminds Sid that most animals can swim even as infants (something Sid taught him earlier), Sid responds, "Yeah, but not tigers. I left that part out." Meaning that Sid of all people pulled off a hell of a Stealth Mentor role, and that Diego managed to figure out swimming despite it not being instinctive for him. Even Diego is surprised when he realizes Sid's technique.
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  • Diego orchestrating the others to cooperate when they're stuck on some precarious rocks stacked on top of one another.
  • A veritable army of mammoths arriving at the end, after an entire film of Manny (and later Ellie) believing themselves to be the last ones, accompanied by a magnificent soundtrack.
    • What's more awesome is Manny choosing his friends over the mammoths, and none of them seem to hold it against him and even cheer him on when he and Ellie become a couple.


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