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  • The "Saint Crispin's day" speech (you know, "We few, we happy few, we Band of Brothers"). Branagh's version of this speech in particular is iconic, and Olivier's is... well, it's Olivier.
  • The conquest of Harfleur, where Henry delivers a terrifying description of the havoc his soldiers will wreak on the town and its citizens if its leaders don't surrender. They do, and Henry promptly tells his lieutenant not to do any of the things he just said.
  • The Prologue itself. Quick summary in modern English: this story is so fantastic that I worry I can't do it justice; I wish I had the world for a stage, gods as actors, armies of extras, and monarchs as an audience—but all I have is this little band of actors in a little wooden theater, so I humbly ask that you use your imagination to fill in the rest.
    • What is awesome in a meta sense is that with the age of film, Shakespeare's wish to do this story justice has been fulfilled several times over.
  • In Act II, Exeter is sent by Henry to the French Court with a demand that the French King abdicate and give the French throne to him. When asked by the French what would happen if they refused his answer is simple, stark, and threatening. The Branagh film heightens this by having Exeter (played by BRIAN BLESSED) march into the French court in full-plate armour.
    Exeter: Bloody constraint; for if you hide the crown
    Even in your hearts, there will he rake for it:
    Therefore in fierce tempest is he coming,
    In thunder and in earthquake, like a Jove,
    That, if requiring fail, he will compel.
  • In a Royal Shakespeare Company production, Williams, put on the spot by his king for the disparaging comments he made about him, points out that he made said comments to someone who he thought was of the same social standing as himself and Henry should take them as such, and asks Henry to pardon him...right before he punches Henry in the face. Henry is so stunned and impressed, he pardons him.