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For the Game Show:

  • The very rare occasion someone finds the object in the first second or two without trashing the room. Goes against the idea of the show, but awesome in that it only happened before the clock started. On several occasions in the Eure era, the contestants would even say they could see the object before the clock started, leading Eure to jokingly say he wasn't going to let them get to it and yell "FIND IT!" while deliberately standing in their way... for a few seconds, anyway.
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  • Toffler getting slimed in the first round. The production staff wouldn't let him change out of his gunge-covered shirt until just before the Romp.
  • Romp wins were rare enough that they were always good for Moments of Awesome (doubly so if the team also won the Instant Prize to complete a clean sweep), but in a special class are those where the sixth clue card was found either with 1 second or less remaining or in less than 75 seconds. The record for the Eure era was 66 seconds, while at least three Toffler-era teams finished in under a minute, one taking just 40 seconds (of course, most of the clue cards were Hidden in Plain Sight).

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