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  • After a virus allowed her nanomachines to wake her up, Lilith Sahl shook off literally 900 years of death by promptly going off to take down a mentally-regressed Abel Nightroad. While still wearing her funeral dress.
  • After being manipulated by Doc Scratch for months, listening to everything he says, and getting to the point of nearly causing the end of a few worlds via destructive video game, when he finally tells her that she's pathetic and worthless, Retasu smacks him across his cueball head.
    I am tired of people not believing in me.
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  • Diarmuid finally snapping and telling off his Master on the night of what would've been his canon death.
  • Battler changing his mind about Yuri dating Ange and then confronting him about "turning her down for her own good".
    If you die then I'll just resurrect you, it's that simple! I'll keep that up until the day I leave this world for real! So please I'm asking you to reconsider your answer to Ange!


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