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  • The entire climax, while also triples as a steady string of Heartwarming Moments and Tear Jerker moments, all set to this Awesome Music. Daniel has lost the case and is put on a bus to reincarnation. Resigning to his fate, Daniel sits down and awaits going back, only to hear Julia calling out for him from another bus, just as they all begin taking off. With nothing to lose, Daniel wrestles his way out his seatbelt, leaps from the bus, runs all the way to Julia's bus while getting electrocuted by the bus' security system, jumps onto her bus while getting electrocuted, and holds on tightly while they confess their love for each other and demand the bus doors to open. Meanwhile, the judges, the prosecutor, and Bob Diamond watch in awe at what they're seeing, and Bob asks them all, "Brave enough for you?" The judges nod and decide to let him in. Julia and Daniel embrace, the entire bus cheers wildly, and they Ascend To A Higher Plane of Existence together.
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  • An earlier example during Daniel's defense (and his own lawyer Bob Diamond makes a point of showing that this is one for him, plus it provides some Foreshadowing): On a winter years before, Daniel had a skiing accident that broke both of his legs, and he had to drag himself several miles in the snow to get help.
  • When Bob is unable to represent him and a less-than-helpful substitute is given, he's able to match Lena despite his inexperience.


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