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  • Armande is a pretty awesome character, simply because she goes against the grain of Lasquesnet and could not possibly care less.
    • She tells Vianne that Father Reynaud leaves her alone because she remembers what he did as a boy. No, she doesn't elaborate when Vianne asks if the man in her visions is Reynaud's father. (It's actually the priest from his time.)
    • Caroline tells Vianne that her mother is diabetic, and thus the sugar is bad for her. When Vianne tries to give Armande a reduced-sugar version of the chocolate drink, Armande insists on having all the trimmings. She says there's no point to giving things up just to stay "healthy".
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    • Josephine makes the mistake of returning to her house on a day when Muscat is at home and drunk. Armande sees the commotion, calls out Reynaud for watching and doing nothing, and smashes a way in with her walking stick.
  • When Josephine tries to run away from Lasquesnet, with five hundred francs and chocolate, Vianne convinces her to stay. It counts as a What You Are in the Dark moment where Vianne frets that the price of her and Anouk staying is for Josephine to leave, and travel without whim.
  • When Muscat comes, drunk and angry, he tries to kick down Vianne's door after hearing that his wife has left him. Vianne calmly tells him that she has a Parisian version of mace and she will spray him if he breaks into the chocolate shop.

Movie Only

  • Josephine smacking her abusive husband with a frying pan, then saying, "Who says I can't use a skillet?"
  • Vianne's speech to the Comte, in which she assures him she is not going anywhere.
  • Pere Henri's final sermon, especially considering it is his first one that isn't pre-approved.
    • He also has a weakness for Elvis—which is funny and awesome for a priest.
  • When Serge admits he was the one who set the fires to try and get rid of the river people, Reynaud is horrified and demands that he leaves Lasquesnet at once because people could have been killed. No matter his prejudices he doesn't want people killed.

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