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Heartwarming / Chocolat

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  • The awkward romance between the Comte and Caroline, particularly when she comforts him over his wife's disappearance.
    Caroline: I don't think that people would think less of you if you were to say she was never coming back.
  • Early Easter morning, Vianne discovers the Comte has broken into her chocolate shop, and has binged on the sweets in her front window. Without judgment, she offers him what appears to be seltzer water to settle his stomach. He gives her a warm smile of acceptance in the last scene of the film.
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  • Luc Clairmont has to sneak out to attend Armande's party because Caroline won't approve. After discovering her son has run away, Caroline understandably goes all over town looking for him. Instead of being angry when she finds Luc, however, she presents him with the bike his dad used to ride, possibly as an apology for her overprotectiveness. Doubly heartwarming since this happens immediately after Armande's death; mom and son console each other.
  • The ending scenes show Josephine taking over Muscat's old cafe and renaming it after Armande.
  • Pere Henri's sermon on Easter Sunday about how goodness should be judged by what people embrace and who they include instead of by what they deny themselves and whom they exclude.

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