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A Fanfiction that tries to pretend it's still a game but also tries to up the epicness? There's a few in here.

  • First, there's the reveal of Ruxik. Somehow making sense at a time when you'd never suspect that he was Riku's nobody.
  • The team saves Olympus. And that's not in a coliseum sense. In this visit, they actually go up to Olympus and help stop the titans from destroying everything.
  • The battle with the resurrected Oogie Boogie.
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  • Xayn Shu dropped an avalanche on the heroes. Very creative irony as a tactic.
  • The battle with Xarcs. Epically recreating the battle from Kingdom Hearts II, the battle is fierce and awesome.
  • The author had the guts to include The Planet as a world. So that means that Sephiroth is the Final Boss. That's right. For the first time, Sephiroth was a required battle, and for the first time ever, they killed him! Of course, the fact they were fighting alongside Cloud didn't hurt either.

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