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Here are some of the many Crowning Moments of Awesome in Brother on Board, the excellent fanfic of One Piece by J0hnS1lver that were not in canon.

  • Chapter 1:
    • Sabo was raring to go at the Sea King Luffy punched out. Luffy however calls dibs on it and punches it out much the same way in canon, but does anyone really doubt Sabo could have taken it?
  • Chapter 2:
    • While Alvida isn't particularly strong, it's still awesome that Sabo is capable of inflicting a curbstomp like his brother.
  • Chapter 3:
    • Despite how much Sabo clearly wants to do the world a favor and shoot Helmoppo (Who likely reminds him of Stelly and other brats in the nobility, who he greatly despises) he gives up the shot he had to catch Rika when she gets tossed over the fence.
  • Chapter 4:
    • When Helmoppo takes Coby hostage, Sabo is quick to take HIM hostage, and tell him if he pulls that trigger, it will be the last thing he'll ever do, even mentioning how messy headshots are. It has Helmoppo absolutely TERRIFIED.
    • After the battle with Morgan, the scene where the Marines kick the Straw Hats out of town has Sabo giving the marines a a major dressing down and insists they do in fact report their exploits on the island to headquarters, and gives them evidence for Morgan's crimes, enough to ensure he's locked up for good.
  • Chapter 5:
    • Instead of Luffy being carried off by that bird, Sabo simply shoots it down... only for them to realize it's going to sink their ship when its corpse lands on it, because it's too big... which leads to Zoro cutting it in half, both halves landing in the water as a result.
  • Chapter 6:
    • Sabo defeats Mohji with ease. Zoro also defeats Cabaji a lot faster than in canon, due to his lack of injury at the time.
  • Chapter 7:
    • Sabo uses Buggy's... er, Nami's, treasure as bait to give Luffy a target to hit. Sure, it was little different than when Buggy and Nami fought over the treasure and Luffy took advantage to land that kick, but Sabo planned it in this case.
  • Chapter 9:
    • The night before the pirate attack Usopp asks the Straw Hats what they can do like in canon. Sabo's response blends in with the other Straw Hats' so awesomely that it's like he belongs on the crew.
    Usopp: What are you guys good at?
    Zoro: Slicing
    Luffy: Stretching
    Nami: Stealing
    Sabo: Shooting
    Usopp: Running and hiding!
    Straw Hats: You've gotta fight too!
    • Sabo and Usopp proving they make a good team pretty fast. Usopp doesn't even take that head injury he suffered in canon.

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