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Spoilers Off applies to all Awesome pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Sid the Squid. Last time we saw him he was just a small-time crook who had been jailed after accidentally nearly killing Batman and surviving the aftermath when Batman appeared to be dead (namely people coming to try and beat him up to take his place as the toughest guy in Gotham, Joker not taking Batman's death well, and Rupert Thorne believing he was trying to take over his territory when he tried to get his help to escape the city), and with a disproportionate reputation out of it. Now he's rich thanks to using his reputation and good character to open a bank for the mob and a union for henchmen while balancing himself on the thin and dangerous line between the mob and the Rogues.
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  • Chapter 106. After the Joker unleashes anti-fear toxin and brainwashing devices on the Gotham Comic Convention, hundreds of nerds assault the Iceberg Lounge. The Rogues there manage to not only non lethally subdue all of them, they do it in a wide variety of humorous ways.
  • Chapters 132-136 have their share of Moments of Awesome, but the biggest one is Harley flying a headless, torso-less Big Duo Robot to ram right into Joker's Big O, sending both mecha into the sea and neutralizing the latter's self destruct.
    “How did you know the self destruct... Haa... Would become a dud after being rammed?”
    "The what now?"
    Harley stared. Batman stared back. Harley coughed.
    “Well... Um... I didn’t,” Harley said. “I just figured... Couldn’t hurt?” She shrugged.
    Batman stared at her. Harley pouted.
    “Oh, like you’ve never gotten lucky in any of your adventures!”
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  • Chapter 152: Stephanie vs A TIGER.
  • Lois Lane moderating the mayoral debate. She starts by pulling out the questions the candidates wanted her to ask...and setting them on fire. And then notes that the topics she was asked specifically to avoid have "piqued my interest."

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