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Awesome / Battle of the Bulge

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  • The singing of the film's rendition of Panzerlied certainly counts.
  • General Grey and Lt. Col. Kiley, trying to think of any weakness in the German advance.
    General Grey: They've made mistakes before. Where've they made one this time?
    Lt. Colonel Kiley: Well, they got me mad at them.
  • Major Wolenski standing up to Hessler.
    Wolenski: You listen to me Colonel, there are survivors in all massacres. And I warn you, if any of my men are harmed, you will be held responsible. There'll be no place on this earth that you can hide, and when you're found, I hope I'm the man that ties the rope around your neck!
    • All the more awesome considering that Hessler is based on Joachim Peiper, who dodged multiple war crimes charges and was still alive when the movie was released. His bullet-riddled corpse was found in the ashes of his house in 1976, to nobody’s dismay.
  • While speaking to the German soldiers disguised as Army M.P.s at the supply camp, Lieutenant Weaver recognizes them from the Amblève / Malmedy crossroads (which earlier led to his and the Sergeant's capture, and the Sergeant's eventual death). Needless to say, the lieutenant is more than happy to settle the score.
    Weaver: (in a sarcastic tone) Does the road to Amblève still lead to Malmedy? (Sgt. Guffy quickly shoots all the imposters)
  • Shortly after taking out the fake M.P.s, Weaver sees Hessler leading a column of tanks to the depot to secure the gasoline. So, Weaver gives it to him.