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  • The Kid. His life is nothing but hardship, but does he let it get him down? No. He just bucks up and takes another level in badass each time, and the next time. And the next time, and the next time, and the next time... until everything is right.
  • An unnamed Ura general gets one when he cuts down his own soldier for refusing to cease fire on the unarmed, defenseless Kid.
  • The player can have one upon beating really just about any level with all of the idols on. Some of the weapon challenges are That One Level taken Up to Eleven
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  • Watching your pets join the fight during the siege of the Bastion. Crashes right back down into Tear Jerker if they die in the fight.
  • A meta moment to the writers for the characters they produced. It says something when you are considered a weirdo for not saving Zulf the first go-around.
  • Some of the weapon combinations can produce some cool quotes from Rucks, for example equiping the Bellows and the Calamity Cannon:
    No matter what he's gonna face out there, it'll burn.
  • Zia raising an Anklegator for a pet.
    That gator's a crazy gal, but so's the gal that promised t'look after her.

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