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  • Baron Zemo absolutely demolishing Maria Hill with a "Reason You Suck" Speech after he and the villains wrest control, earning cheers from many readers.
  • Steve getting his youth back and obliterating Crossbones without issue.
  • A.I.M.'s response to American Kaiju: deploying a giant mecha codenamed Avenger Five (piloted by five Avengers) to punch him in the face.
  • Deadpool being the one to restore both Avengers teams to full by letting Kobik see that being a Cosmic Plaything is not a good thing.
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  • American Kaiju. Literally everything about American Kaiju. He's a hyper-patriotic American soldier, described as being the In-Universe real man behind the internet story of "Science professor challenges God to smite him in order to prove he exists, at the last moment somebody in the audience punches him and claims God sent him on his behalf", who volunteers for a Super Soldier experiment to serve America's interests. So they pump him with a cocktail of reverse-engineered Captain America Super Serum with the gaps patched up with Gamma energy, Mutant Growth Hormone, Pym Particles and Dr. Connors' Lizard formula. The result is an Expy of Godzilla who stomps around with an American flag painted on his head and/or chest, screaming "USA" as his battle cry. Fans love him as either the ultimate expression of American badassery, or else because he's so Cool, but Stupid it flips around to being awesome.

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