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Awesome / Avengers: No Surrender

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  • Lightning’s game of poker with Grandmaster. In order to win back Johnny Storm, Red Wolf and the entire planet, while already putting himself and ownership of the planet up for grabs, Lightning makes one last bet, in a Batman Gambit worthy of Jotaro Kujo's fight with Daniel J. D'Arby. If he loses this hand, then Grandmaster can erase the memory of every last one of Lighting's accomplishments, leaving him forever known as a D-List loser. A bet that Grandmaster Call or Raise if he wants to stay in the game. Too terrified by the mere possibility of being known as a loser, Grandmaster folds, giving up a king high full house. And then Lightning deliciously rubs it in by admitting he doesn't play Poker.

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  • When Voyager sends out a call to all the other Avengers to come stop The Challenge from destroying Earth Scarlet Witch assists her by using a spell to amplify the signal..... and the last words that were used? Avengers, Assemble!!
    Scarlet Witch: By Earth and Sky, by Craft and Hex... by the Past and by the Future... I call HOPE forth from the darkness! I speak the Words of Power! The words WE gave power TO! The words we made into MAGIC! Let THEIR power augment our OWN! To strike ONE BLOW from our HEARTS and SOULS... From ALL THAT WE ARE! LET THE CALL GO FORTH! AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!

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