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  • "Magnetic Fastball Special. All Hell... officially broken loose."
  • Rachel Summers, Magnificent Bitch. Yes, really.
  • Rachel Summers simultaneously probing Thor's mind, blocking a blow from Mjolnir, and countering with both smack-talk and a psychic hammer of her own that up-ends him.
  • Spider-Man's speech to Hope to help her cope with her destiny. It is certainly a strong speech and also Heartwarming considering the inspriation. Also a Funny Moment in how it took one speech to go from seeing him as a goofball to an amazing hero and wanting a costume more like his.
  • Spider-Man sealing himself off from the rest of the Avengers & alone with a Phoenix-empowered Colossus & Magik, so that they can rescue the Avengers that the X-Men had taken as their prisoners, and then managing to defeat them by tricking them into fighting one another to try and reclaim a third of the Phoenix force, only for them to knock each other out. Considering Spidey is usually reduced to a background character making sarcastic comments in Marvel's Crisis Crossovers despite being Marvel's flagship character, it's long overdue.

    Considering events that took place shortly afterwards in Amazing Spider-Man, with Doctor Octopus stealing Peter's life & identity and proclaiming himself the Superior Spider-Man, it comes off as Spider-Man getting a last hurrah in one of Marvel's top titles.
  • Hope combining the Iron Fist and Chaos Magic to drive off the phoenix empowered Cyclops.
  • After the Avengers and X-Men put their issues aside to take down Cyclops, we get this during the final battle.
    Cyclops: You see that, Xavier? They're trying to assassinate us!! This is who you side with!
    (Cyclops is smashed into the ground by a barrage of ice)
    Iceman: Not us, YOU! It's just you everyone is sick of. Damn you, Summers!
  • Issue 10 has a lot of awesome one-liners from Cyclops as he lays a huge beatdown on the Avengers. Most notably after he KO's Ben Grimm: "How's that for Clobberin' Time?"
  • In the final issue, Hope Summers, with the aid of her Iron Fist training and copying the Scarlet Witch's Reality Warper powers, fulfills her destiny as Mutant Messiah and restores the X-gene.
  • The reason that Wanda gives for Hope being able to control the Phoenix as well as she does, and why she's destined to do it. She's able to let it go.
  • Some of the AvX: Vs. fights were really awesome. Daredevil vs. Psylocke and Iron Man vs. Magneto just to name a couple. Emma Frost vs. Thor was awesome as well, Emma is amazing when she gives him a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • "Yes, Hulk will smash for you."
  • Hope giving Wanda some comeuppance for depowering all the mutants. "Hope has Level 16 in insubordination." Doubles as a Funny Moment.
    Hope: (Headbutting Wanda) No more nose!
  • The fact that although he lost the actual beating-people-up portion of the fight, Cyclops essentially accomplished everything he set out to do. Emphasized in the final Uncanny X-Men tie-in; Scott is now in shackles for the crimes he committed as Dark Phoenix, and he repeatedly asks Beast, who is detaining him, if the mutant race was restored. Beast dodges the question for as long as possible, but eventually caves and tells him that they were, and Cyclops, in response, raises his cuffed hands to the sun in the shape of an X. Whether you think AvX was the greatest or worst thing ever, the one thing everyone seems to agree on about it is that his character arc, from New X-Men to this story, has been awesome.
  • The fact that Professor X manages to take on Phoenix!Cyclops in a psychic duel, and put him down over and over again, only losing when Cyclops takes the whole Phoenix Force for himself.
    Professor X: Sit down, boy!
  • Red Hulk's brilliant Xanatos Gambit on Colossus, he knows he can't overpower Colossus with his Juggernaut powers, so he instead uses his advantage, he's not just a Hulk Recolor, he's also a General and knows how to outhink his opponents. So he drives Colossus into going One-Winged Angel and losing control, at which point he's too far gone to be able to control himself and will likely destroy utopia's support pillar. If Colossus doesn't destroy it? He'll be too busy fighting himself to fight back and Rulk can finish him and win the fight.
  • Kieron Gillen's way to restore Namor's honour after being soundly beaten by The Thing and Luke Cage of all people underwater in one of the most controversial fights. His way of doing so? Namor casually curbstomping Luke Cage and using him as a freaking club to one-shot She-Hulk. Awesome indeed.
  • The entire final battle with Dark Phoenix Cyclops. He takes on the combined roster of the Avengers and the X-Men and fights them all off all around the globe without any effort whatsoever. At one point he punched the Hulk from Australia to America. And all the while, he's actually contemplating his situation and the cosmos, plus the raw power in him. Even the combined might of Hope and the Scarlet Witch isn't enough to put him down, had the spirit of Jean not talked him down he would have effortlessly destroyed the world and quite possibly the universe too. That's right, he ultimately threw the fight.
  • Hulk's entrance into the final battle is by overhand double fist slam which sends Emma Frost through the island's landmass and into the ocean, taking her out for several pages. And when a furious Emma, who at this point has half the Phoenix Force in her, blasts at him, he proceeds to No-Sell it.
    • Even his defeat at the hands of Dark Phoenix Cyclops is awesome, as he is the only one other than Hope or Wanda Cyclops had to attack more than once to take down.