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Nightmare Fuel / Avengers Standoff

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  • What Pleasant Hill is. It's a specially-made prison designed to "rehabilitate" criminals by suppressing their memories and their personas via a Reality Warper, who draws out a "good you" from within. The town is made up of something akin to a hybrid of 1950s and modern day sensibilities, but all of that is fake, something like The Truman Show. What makes this truly nightmarish is the fact that Maria Hill has no qualms in doing this "rehabilitation" to anyone with powers, no matter how liked they are.
    • Even more so is Kobik's thoughts on this. She thinks its a game. Just pretend. This is heartbreakingly shown when Orrgo demands she restore him to his dog form because he found happiness there and she just blows him off with that reasoning.
    • There are also villains who, upon being freed, the first thing they do is run. They don't want to help Baron Zemo, they want to go as far away as possible!.
    • A revelation in Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 makes this even worse: Kobik is a Red Skull-made Cosmic Cube. When she makes people happy and changes them, she also changes them into HYDRA sympathizers, because that's what the Skull wanted. Steve was affected when he had his youth restored. What about the All-New All-Different Avengers and the Unity Squad? Even more, what about the villains?!