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  • The Drover's Establishing Character Moment where he punches a bar patron for mouthing off about his friendship with the locals.
  • Nullah, with his back up against the edge of a cliff, stops a stampeding herd of cattle by staring them down.
  • King George saving Nullah in the film's climax, by killing Fletcher.
  • Maggari's Heroic Sacrifice by distracting the Japanese troops long enough for the Drover and the children to escape.
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  • Sarah and the Drover working together to get the cows onto the ship, with Ashley driving the cattle down the wharf while the Drover stops Carney's cattle from loading.
  • The bar patrons convincing the barkeep to allow Sarah to stay and have a drink with them.
  • A doctor at the ball,says that the mothers will eventually forget their "offspring", Sarah icily replies "A mother never forgets her child."
  • The Drover showing up at the ball, shaved and dressed in a white suit.
  • "Give the man a fuckin' drink!"
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