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"A sick feeling of repugnance and apprehension grows in me as I near Australia."
— From the diary of Sir Robert Menzies, Prime Minister of Australia, May 23, 1941

"I promise there'll be a tomorrow, sir. In fact, it's already tomorrow in Australia."
Marcie, Peanuts

Australia's a lovely land
It's full of bonza blokes,
Sheilas, beer and no-one's queer
Except in Pommie jokes.

Australians are lovely chaps
They're God's own chosen race.
If they ever see a fairy Pom
They'll smash him in the face.

Australians like dressing up
In skirts and having fun
And that's all we were doing
When the Vice Squad came along.

"Traditionally, most of Australia's imports come from overseas."
Keppel Enderbery

Lightning cracked in the sky of this desolate wasteland, yet despite the thunderclouds, which painted the sky the colour of a bruise, there was no relief for this parched land. The ruins of a dead city, smothered in dust the colour of blood, were revealed in each flash of light. And in those brief moments of light, things could be seen moving, things that moved in a way which was anathema to the human eye, all squirming and crawling and too many legs.
Some would have called this place Hell.
Fools. The depths of the horrors imagined by Dante could not match the abominations that dwelt in this place.
This was Australia.

[upon being asked 'Where could you find a Wyld pocket in Real Life?']
WingedCat in this Exalted forum

We produced a Norman May
Not a Norman Mailer
May our land's vast distance
Always treat us with indifference!
TISM, "Give Up For Australia"

"A country which apparently houses every organic death-mobile ever."
Planet Dolan, regarding Australia in his 15 Most Poisonous Animals Ever video; half of the animals listed in the video are Australian.