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  • The Final Spar between Raleigh and Fightmaster Anjin Tessori. It takes eleven rounds before Raleigh yields and Yancy needs to be physically restrained from going to the Fightmaster personally. In the end, it is Pentecost himself who stops the fight because Raleigh just plain wouldn't give up even with being half-broken and knowing full well he didn't have a chance. In the end, guess who had the highest score ... Nope, not Yancy.
    • We learn some time later from Pentecost that over a thousand trainees passed the Final Spar. None of them managed to match Raleigh's score.
  • Hydra Corinthian catching Grindylow in mid-jump with its pressure launcher. The blast is powerful enough that Raleigh and Yancy can hear and feel the blast from within Gipsy Danger and the Kaiju does a mid-air backflip.
    • Matador Fury carrying a stranded passenger ferry during the fight, rescuing hundreds of people in the process and earning a citation for bravery.
  • Fights against the Kaijus tend to be gruesome in general but, when they aren't Tear Jerkers, they are usually that.
  • From "Tales from the front lines": the Icebox Challenge. A good dozen rangers and personnal from the strike troop, J-Tech and K-Science take a dip in a cold lake and see who lasts the longest. It ends with a battle of wills between Yancy and Zeke Amarok from Chrome Brutus. Yancy wins.

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