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Heartwarming / Aurora Borealis

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  • "Esperanza" is both this and Awesome. It is one big award ceremony for every ranger that fought against Grindylow in the previous chapter and holds a major Pet the Dog moment for Andrés Alcazar and Daniel Moreno, the pilots of Matador Fury and former prisonners, when they are awarded a citation for bravery for carrying the eponymous Esperanza to safety during the fight.
  • Yancy being so protective and caring toward Raleigh during the story and Raleigh making clear he cares for his brother just as much. Makes the fight with Knifehead all the more painful.
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  • The general frienship seen thorough the story is heartwarming in itself. Even though they have no family anymore, Raleigh and Yancy still have their crew, and those make for the best family the two could ever have.
  • After the fight with Yamarashi, Tendo goes to check on Raleigh, Yancy, Tanisha and Caleb, only to find them cuddled together as they recover from Drift shock. The scene is so cute he almost takes a picture.

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