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  • Tendo's antics through the story are bound to earn a laugh sooner or later.
  • "Disciplinary Reports from the Front Lines". All of it.
    • The marriage of Peter Lepp and Hedy Keres, the pilots of Eden Assassin, is one In-Universe. Putin insisted to preside over it, much to the pilots' disapproval. He ended up pranked by the Kaidanovskys when they played the marriage scene from the Princess Bride. According to witnesses, Peter and Hedy were laughing so hard they could barely say "I do."
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  • Whenever someone makes his Jaeger dance. Just imagine Romeo Blue dancing the Macarena or Gipsy Danger doing the Electric Boogaloo with Yankee Star ... or Striker Eureka doing Billie Jean!
  • Raleigh and Yancy's embarassment at being called "Strawberry" and "Sunshine" when a teen magazine gets a glimpse of them.

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