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AATAFOVS / The Dark Gates

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Season 4, Episode 4. Preceded by Blunder Down Under, next episode Broken Time.
"Beware the Dark Gates," was all that Professor Udite had said in his latest message. The Benders had no idea what this meant until a Story Gate opened up for them. On the other end, they found what appeared to be numerous incomplete Story Gates, but corrupted by dark energy: Dark Gates.

Avatar: Guess we have to seal these up before they grow to their full size.
Sue: And just how are we supposed to do that?
Avatar: ...I was hoping Nerdly knew.
Krystal: Maybe we won't have to do anything at all. We should probably hide; it's best if they don't know we're here.

The Shadow Sculptors arrive. Much Ominous Latin Chanting accompanies Scales' transformation into his kitten form. A bit theatrical, don't you think?, Fluffy asks the others telepathically, and they nod.


Persona: Hmm...even more useful than I expected. These Gates are still young. They could provide quite a lot of Narrativium if allowed to grow to their full size.

"Crap", Avatar thought, "no, no, take them now!" Although he didn't say it out loud, the Benders' presence was sensed.

Debutante: Uh, Persona-chan? I don't think we're alone.
Persona: Of course not. Trying to plan a sneak attack?
Avatar: Hardly. We were here to seal those gates up, but it's not like we even really knew how. Go ahead; take them.
Persona: You're not going to fight us for them?
Avatar: These Gates are corrupted. Your mining them for Narrativium can only help us. Not sure if we like the idea of letting them grow to their full size, though...
Persona: ...Well, it is a lot of waiting...
Avatar: See, we don't have to be enemies. You really seem like good people.
Persona: Wh-what we're doing is for our own benefit only! We will have to fight you eventually. We're on opposite sides. Don't you forget that!

Avatar just smiled.

Krystal: I hate to break up your sweet little conversation, but you might want to take a better look at those gates.
Avatar: What...oh, shit!

One of the Gates had rapidly expanded to full size, and Achwskgdsidsfh emerged from it.

Avatar: What the heck is that?
Andrews: I think it's a member of the Dark Council.
Sue: I suppose this means we can't be expecting your help.
Avatar: Knew you'd come around.
Persona: Shut up! This is only temporary! It's not like we're going to be friends or anything...
Avatar: But...
Krystal: Just give it up, Avatar. You can't force her to join us if she doesn't want to.

Achwskgdsidsfh then grabbed Debutante and Krystal with his tentacles.

Avatar: KRYSTAL!!!

He charges forward to help her, despite her claims that she can handle herself. Solo asks why none of the Shadow Sculptors, who seem to be taking advantage of the fiend's distraction to mine the Dark Gates, are making a move to help Debutante.


Persona: She's more than capable of handling herself, should things get too dangerous.
Gestalt: Besides... it's kinda fun this way...

Meanwhile, Avatar has blown off a number of Achwskgdsidsfh's tentacles using an improvised short-range bomb. Krystal frees herself from the severed tentacles.

Krystal: Thanks...not that I couldn't have handled it myself...*faint blush, which Avatar doesn't notice*
Avatar: No need to thank me. You're part of the team. We should probably help her out, too...
Krystal: No problem.

Together, they send Achwskgdsidsfh packing, presumably off to regenerate those missing tentacles.

Persona (to Debutante): Oh, good, you're here. We're all done here.
Avatar: Wait, weren't we going to try to work out a way to save your world without ruining ours?!?!
Nerdly: I...don't think she heard you.
Solo: Now there's an understatement...

With the Dark Gates gone, they return to their base, though Avatar is quite disappointed that he hasn't gotten through to the Shadow Sculptors. Nerdly tells him to let it go, glancing over at Krystal as he does. Krystal, however, remains silent.

  • The blatant ship teasing in this episode caused much outcry from fans who were afraid that the developing Love Triangle would ruin the show, possibly irreparably. The writers just coolly reminded that portion of the fandom, "You do know what people tend to do together when they're in love, right?" and the issue more or less died down, aside from the part of the fandom that had been complaining for so long that everyone had stopped listening to them.


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