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AATAFOVS / Origin Arc

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Season 1, Comic Arc, Issues 1 to 29. No known episode references. This comic arc may not be line with television continuity. First arc. Followed by issues 30 to 50, the Dark Council Arc.

Editorial note: When Dead Horse Comics bought the license to publish a comic book adaptation of AATAFOVS, they took advantage of the executives' controversial decision to start the series without any Back Story whatsoever and begin with a storyline revealing the origins of the Vamp Benders. The then-little-known writer Charles Clairton was chosen to write it, while infamously egotistical and tempramental artist Jim Barnes was chosen to draw it. Right off the bat, the team decided to make some radical departures from the show—Barnes refused to draw Fluffykins because of his crippling fear of cats, so she was replaced by an owl, Arkemeadieus.


At this point the success of the comic was uncertain and the editors didn't want to commit to a long-running storyarc. As a result, they delayed the introduction of the Dark Council and the initial origin storyline was followed up by a loosely-connected arc where the Vamp Benders tried to get back to their own home universe without ERU's guidance after being stranded in another world, and hunt down a duo of villains, White Heat and Grey Matter.

The Rise of the Vamp Benders (#1-6)

This story reveals the origins of Avatar, Solo, Sue, Nerdly and Cleo, and tells of their battle to destroy the One PDA To Rule Them All and defeat Lord Voldemauron.

Moby Dickery (#7-9)

The Vamp Benders land on a Silver Age-esque world and have to help its local superheroes sort out their bizarre, extremely contrived romantic problems.


Strangled by the Sparkly String (#10-12)

The Vamp Benders land in a seemingly ordinary high school, where Cleo falls for the immortal vampire Hunk Sparklechest. The others have to help her see that he's really a creepy, evil stalker, much to her chagrin.


The Vamp Benders return to the same Silver Age world they visited earlier, only now it's a thoroughly miserable deconstruction of itself. Did their own actions cause this to happen? This story was one of the first AATAFOVS stories to deal with darker themes and helped set the tone the show itself would take later. It introduced the unexpectedly popular vampire bounty hunter, Grimm D'Arque.


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