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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: VS. The Boskeyverse
Psyga3152013-04-30 20:56:52

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Episode 3: VS. Killer

When you hear the words ďBeast WarsĒ, chances are you will think of the Transformers cartoon. However, this fanfic, Beast Wars, doesnít have characters from the show, much like The Morph. However, unlike The Morph, it doesnít exactly feature any elements from Beast Wars as well. So yeah, itís called Beast Wars because...


Fuck it, letís start off this story.

So we begin with these chapter headings even though the chapters themselves are short to the point where they donít need chapter titles. Unless itís Captain Underpants where thereís at least one chapter with a few words. This is just giving me Quarter-Life: Halfway To Destruction flashbacks. At least this fanficís not grammatically broken like that fanfic.

We have... Guess what? More dinosaurs. But now theyíre dinosaur aliens. Actually, dinosaur aliens that are the size of the toddlers is a pretty good explanation for why we had Littlefoot in the last two stories. And look, they have the power to take over animal minds, kind of like the Yeerks from Animorphs. Although these Dinosaur Aliens donít crawl into peopleís ears and control them that way, but rather your stereotypical mental mind control. Anyways, they are planning to take over Earth and they heard of the battle at the end of The Movie, and decide to retrieve the wolf that was killed. And... apparently half of its body is gone. They replace it with cybernetics and stuff like that. And thatís the prologue.

The next chapter begins with the wolf being made a cyborg and activating.

Alien #2 asked, "Who made you be like that?"

"Spike!", responded the gray wolf.

Uh... technically, you sort of made the wolf a cyborg... not Spike.

"Who killed you?", asked Alien #2.

"Spike!", the gray wold [sic] answered.

Alien #2 then asked, "And now, that I release you, what is the first thing your going to do?"

The gray wolf responded, "Destroy him!"

Oh man, I got two jokes for this... Oh man... what to pick, what to pick... Oh fuck it, let's fire them both at once!

Also, thatís a pretty bad idea, allowing your minion to be obsessed with murdering their rival. Astronema learnt that the hard way when she made the Psycho Rangers. Anyways...

The aliens gave [the wolf] a name. Killer.

Killer? How... imaginative.

Killer went through tough training. He wasn't good. Much. Then, he got better. Soon, he was an expert. Killer was almost ready. He wanted to get revenge on Spike right now. But, he couldn't. He had to wait 'till it was time.

Fastest training montage I have ever seen. Itís almost as if it wasnít even needed. We then resume with the kids.

The Rugrats couldn't stop thinking about that wolf and what Spike did for them.

Nor could the author. Seriously, this wolf incident is mentioned constantly across these fanfics so far.

All of them thought they didn't need to face the wolf again. But they were wrong. Very wrong.

Yeah. They had to face miscoloured wolves who apparently can roar and are total rip-offs from The Lion King 2. Onto the next chapter.

So Killer comes and roars at Spike (howling makes more sense, but whatever) and the fight begins.

The wolf chased Spike and shot lazers and guns at him.

1, lasers is spelt wrong and 2, he shot guns? Like fully functioning guns? Donít you mean bullets? Oh, but apparently the fighting isnít necessary because the aliens can just mind control Spike. Why they didnít do that to begin with is a mystery. Isnít it logical to take over the mind of the victor of the fight instead of the loser? And brainwashing Killerís enemy is a pretty bad idea since he has that whole bloodlust to kill him and all. But nah, brainwashing powers are to the max as they become Bash Brothers and go attack a ranger station.

The two ran towards it. They ripped and torn apart several companies. They wanted to kill Killer and Spike.

Wait... what? They go to a ranger station... and rip apart companies... and then they want to kill themselves? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- {Your Head Asplode}

{We apologize for Psygaís head exploding. We will attach a new head and give him his dose of Momentai Pills so it wonít happen again soon. This unfortunate incident is ironically brought to you by Momentai Pills: making sure you take it easy with every little pill.}

Alright... that was fun. So after the Rugrats conclude that Spike is Brainwashed and Crazy, they decide to confront Spike and Killer. Oh, and Angelica said that her mom said aliens brainwashed him. It was really her grandfather, Lou, who said it. Final Chapter!


So Tommy confronts Spike at the shore as he does that "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight thing. Or ďI Know Youíre In There SomewhereĒ speech as thatís all it takes to stop the brainwashing. Spike just snaps out of it. Huh. Kyouko would be proud. And...

JESUS CHRIST! Killer just clawed at Tommyís stomach and caused a large enough wound to make him lose consciousness from all the blood heís lost later on... Heís a toddler, mind you. Stu!Tommy then gets a knife and stabs Killer in the middle of the fight with Spike (well, throws it and it stabbed Killer) and Spike puts him down for good. Spike and Tommy are awarded for their badassery and the aliens, guess what? Rage Quit!


A little better than the previous two. I was quite surprised by the increased level of violence in this one (even if itís just Tommy getting his stomach slashed apart) and I kind of didnít mind this story. The only gripe I had was that the author just glossed over a lot of stuff, like the training (which can be cut) and Tommyís ďPlease come back, Spike!Ē speech. That and there wasnít really a war. Beasties would have made a better title.

And while this fanfic didnít actually crossover with anything, it had some qualities that I noticed in the other crossover fics that I decided to review it. That and it had Beast Wars as the title. Even though Killer never really transformed.

Well, will the rest of the fanfics be this tolerable? Find out next time!

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